Pony Cycle is the HOTTEST toy for the season!

November 05, 2012

 Our Pony Cycle is getting great buzz and is the hottest toy for the season!  We have them in stock now.  Houston radio station 93Q just listed it as one of their favorite things this year.


(from The New 93Q FB page)

Give me your favorite thing this year!

List of Erica's Favorite Things:
1. Leggings with boots. My favorite leggings are from Walgreens (yes, Walgreens) and my biker boots that everyone likes are from Target.

2. Pony Cycle - your kids

will LOVE this. They just jump up and down and the horse gallops around

3. Lip Glosses from Bath and Body Works and Sparkle from Victoria's Secret (both taste great, smell great and aren't too sticky.

4. Wrangler or Cinch shirts for men (dress your man like George Strait). Ive seen them in lots of colors at Cavenders.

5. Sparkle scarf. These dress up any outfit and they are not expensive at all. I got mine at Charming Charlie.

What is your favorite thing?

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