Long Boot Hooks


Save your back!! These will help tremendously - then use a boot jack to get them off  

  • Boot pull-on hooks take the work out of wearing western boots!
  • Hooks are designed to slip into boot pull straps to make quick, easy work of pulling on boots
  • Perfect for any boots with pull straps - cowboy boots, buckaroos, riding boots & more!
  • Durable chrome-plated hooks
  • Natural wood handles
  • Set of two boot hooks


Are your cowboy boots almost impossible to pull on? Even great fitting cowboy boots can pose the problem, with closed shafts and fitted insteps. We recommend boot hooks! These ingenious boot pull-on hooks take the work out of sliding into your favorite boots. Our extra long hooks work especially well for cowboys and gals. No stooping & struggling - just slip the hooks into the boots' pull straps for a precise pull. Boot hooks each measure 13" long.

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