John Coffee Hays - Buckaroo Working Composite Safety Toe Roper (Men)


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This the finest working boot on the market.  Classic styling of a roper, but with the features necessary for the working man. 

Dedicated to Ranger John Coffee Hays:  

Described as a quiet, well-spoken guy, he really shined in situations where he got to pull his gun and start kicking ass:  According to his buddies, he was basically a completely different person – a “monster” – when his life was on the line.

Hays did the land surveying gig for a while, but when stuff started going down with Goliad and the Alamo in Texas he decided he wanted to get in on the action.  He rode for Texas in 1840, introduced himself to Sam Houston as the nephew of Andrew Jackson, and was immediately given an officer’s position in a relatively-new organization charged with providing order on the sprawling frontier – the Texas Rangers.

It didn’t take long for Hays to work his way up, and before long “Captain Jack” was commanding a company of Rangers charged with patrolling the southwestern portion of Texas.  Now, if you thought surveying sounded hard, imagine this – Captain Jack had forty horsemen under his command, and he was charged with almost single-handedly protecting hundreds of miles of Wild West Texas from Comanche raiding parties, Mexican Army patrols, murderous bandit gangs, cattle rustlers, horse thieves, and all other manner of ultra-violent, gun-toting marauders that wouldn’t hesitate to start popping caps the instant they saw the five-pointed tin star that was pinned on Hays’ chest.

When the Mexican-American War broke out in 1846, Hays was called in to action to assist the American invasion of Mexico.  Promoted to Colonel, Hays was given 250 cavalrymen and appointed commander of the First Regiment, Texas Mounted Riflemen.  Serving as the cavalry wing commander, Hays’ Rangers worked as scouts, recon, and anti-guerilla forces.  Their job was to keep the supply lines and communications lines open, and this led him to multiple battles with guerilla forces all throughout Mexico.  He performed admirably in the battle for Monterey, where his Rangers spent three days fighting through the city streets, and outside Vera Cruz he drove off a force of 200 Mexican cavalry that were threatening the American flank – without losing a man.  There’s a great story that Santa Anna referred to the Rangers as “Los Diablos Tejanos,” and that at some point after the war Hays went to a ball in Austin Texas wearing a dress uniform he’d looted from the Mexican President’s palace.


Fully handmade in Texas.

Sole:  Vibram anti-slip, anti-oil - the best on the market!

Leather:  Premium Calf

Lining:  Full Calf Internals, all natural materials

Toe:  Round Roper - Industry Grade Composite Safety Toe

Heel:  Hand-stacked walking heel

Upper:  Premium Calf. 

Width:  Normal 

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