Boots & Suits! This is a very clean boot with sleek lines and perfect for casual or formal events. The supple black leather is very comfortable and made to get more comfortable with time. 

We use no synthetic material and every part of it is handmade (which is why this boot will last a lifetime). These details are important.

Lux-calf interior for glove-like comfort.  1 1/2” Cowboy Toe.  Full leather insole (for breathability and custom shaping to your foot). Uppers are calf and 12" high. Heel is leather stacked 1 1/2”.  Soles are hand pegged with lemonwood.  Reinforced pulls.  

Our Full Leather Insoles allow the Width to be Modifiable! They are built on a EE base and have a full leather insole that (when inserted) makes the boot a D width (normal).  So, simply remove this leather insert for EE (wide) width, or keep it inserted for D (normal) width.  They will conform comfortably to your feet either way.

We can customize your boots with Initials on the pull straps:  Add 2 or 3 initials to your pull straps to make your boots uniquely custom.  


These boots are dedicated to the town of Helotes.  It was once an important stop for cowboys on their way to Bandera auction.  Now its more famous as the home of John T Floore's Country Store which serves up excellent Texas Music.  


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