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What's the difference in Custom boots and Stock (Ready to Wear) boots?
  • Our famous Custom Boots are designed by you and we craft the boots around your feet measurements. This is all done by our master bootmakers in our Houston shop (takes about 6-9 months). Our Stock Boots (the ones for sale on the website) are made like our custom boots but premade and will ship immediately!  More here:

How do I make an appointment for Custom Boots?

  • You can simply come by any time! We recommend that you message us to ensure we give you the right focus, but its not necessary. We can also work with you remotely anywhere in the world. Just look at the Design Center online
  • The Custom Boot process involves picking hides, designs and getting measured. It takes about an hour, but its a great experience and stay as long as you want!
  • 1133 E 11th St., Houston TX 77009

How are Republic Boots different than the others?

  • Well for starters we are Master Bootmakers, not a marketing company. We do this because we love the craft and Texas culture. Our stock boots are made in a similar fashion to our famous custom boots - by hand and with no synthetics. This allows the boots to conform to your feet making them ultra comfortable the more you wear them.
  • The insole is fillet cut with a channel welt so there is no need for synthetic fillers, its all leather! This allows the boot to breathe and conform for a better fit each day. We guarantee them!

How do the Stock boot sizes compare to my shoe size?

  • Our stock boots are 'true to size' in order to conform perfectly with your foot, but this makes them more of a custom feel (slightly tighter). Other companies tend to oversize their boots, so if you want a comparable fit then go up a half size (if a 10 in other stock boots, order a 10.5) - Its free to exchange if something is off!

What's the difference in Normal and Wide width?

  • Our proprietary design allows our leather insoles to be removed if you want the boot to be a wider width.  They are very comfortable either way!  Here is a video

I'm looking for status update on my order

  • All our product is made by hand so there occasionally may be delays. We stand by the quality of our craftmanship for life so we appreciate your patience. Our stock boots (if in stock) will be to you in a week or less. If you have initials then we need to handmake this inlay, adding a couple weeks.
  • The Custom Leather Items like Tally Books will take 3+ weeks
  • Laura can help you at

What is your return policy?

  • If in America and your boots don't fit or you don't like them contact us and we'll send you a return label (just make sure they are not scuffed). When we get them back we'll send you another size or issue a refund. While you are alive if there is any flaw in craftsmanship we'll fix it for you at no cost! Custom products cannot be returned.
  • If you are outside America, send us the boots (at your cost) and we'll pay to ship them back to you.

Do you ship internationally?

  • Yes, every day! We ship everywhere.

I'm interested in your Events, hosting a Company Party, or to partner as an Ambassador / Influencer 

  • Please contact us at Please explain in detail your ideas!

Do you do repairs?

  • Yes, well kinda.  We will resole all boots from other manufacturers (note we use prime leather like our custom boots).  $150.  We can also recondition/shine all boots - this is FREE for Republic Boot customers.  We can do ladies fine shoes as well.  For other types of repairs we recommend a shoe hospital.

Any Other Questions!  Call us at 832-767-6586, Email us at or just come by 1133 E 11th St, Houston TX 77009