Boot Trees - The Essential Boot Preserver


Boot Trees do 3 incredibly important things:

  • Maintain the shape of the vamp - The boot will curl up over time (do to the sole becoming flexible) and this will ruin the look of the vamp.  IN most exotics this can also crack the leather.  The tension that is put on the vamp allows it to remain fresh and new.
  • Remove moisture - Your foot sweats 1/8 of a cup a day.  It sounds gross, but an old nasty shoe or boot can attest to this.  The cedar will pull the moisture out of the boot and greatly extend the life of the boot.
  • Remove odor - The cedar will also deodorize the boot leaving it fresh and clean.  Your significant other will also greatly appreciate this!

**It is a sin to buy expensive handmade boots and not preserve them with BOOT TREES!!

Please note: Manufacturer may change but we ensure the quality for each item to remain the highest in the industry.

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