Custom Hand-Tooled Bible Cover (w/ Bible Included)

$125 $250

*Place your order and we'll contact you very soon about the artwork details of your item. 

Create something that will last a lifetime.  We can customize these to your liking.  Make one for yourself or give an incredible gift.  

These bible covers are amazing.  Significant time was put into hand-crafting each one of them.  Tooling is a lost art but we are determined to keep the craft alive.  We know there are those out there that want something that is 'real' and not mass produced in China - these are our people!

Make sure the most important book is taken care of!  We can also personalize these, so we'll work with you to customize it.  Delivery on the custom pieces will take a couple weeks.  These are incredible gifts.  

*Bible is included! Measures 9x5.5x1" thick, but we can make it to your measurements.

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