Customized 1836


Ya'll have been waiting for this capability, now its here!  We can personalize these boots with your logo.  So basically you are getting a custom boot for a fraction of the price of our famous Republic Custom Boots.  

We generally need a clean image for our team to manipulate and burn it into the boot.  We'll contact you after the order to discuss your artwork details.

These are great for the average person, but also for company gifts etc.  Please email us if you are going to order 10 or more and we can work on a discount.  Note these are custom so there are no returns on this item.

We only customize this incredible boot because there is great contrast and space to create the burned image. The oils in the leather help it ‘self heal’ and stand the test of time. The boots are designed to take a beating and look amazing at the same time.  It’s raw and fearless just like it’s namesake - Texas legend Jim Bowie.

We use no synthetic material and every part of it is handmade (which is why this boot will last a lifetime). These details are important.

Lux-calf interior for glove-like comfort.  1 1/2” Cowboy Toe.  Full leather insole (for breathability and custom shaping to your foot). Uppers are calf and 12" high. Heel is leather stacked 1 1/2”.  Soles are hand pegged with lemonwood.  Reinforced pulls.  

Our Full Leather Insoles allow the Width to be Modifiable! They are built on a EE base and have a full leather insole that (when inserted) makes the boot a D width (normal).  So, simply remove this leather insert for EE (wide) width, or keep it inserted for D (normal) width.  They will conform comfortably to your feet either way.

We can further customize your boots with Initials on the pull straps for an additional cost:  Add 2 or 3 initials to your pull straps to make your boots uniquely custom.  


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