The Goodnight (Men)


Dedicated to the legend of Charles Goodnight.  

By the time he was twenty he was working as a cowboy and served with the local militia in the many fights against Comanche raiders.  In 1857, he joined the Texas Rangers, where he continued to fight in the Indian Wars and served as an Indian scout. Later, when the Civil War began, he again served as a scout.

After the war, Goodnight joined up with Oliver Loving to move cattle from Fort Belknap, Texas to Fort Sumner, New Mexico, in what became known as the Goodnight-Loving Trail. It was during this time, that Charles would invent the chuck wagon when he rebuilt an army surplus Studebaker wagon for more practical use on a long cattle drive.

Unfortunately, Loving was killed by a Comanche war party in 1867, but this did not stop Goodnight from continuing to organize cattle drives on his own.

Though busy with his numerous cattle drives, Goodnight married Mary Ann (Molly) Dyer, a schoolteacher from Weatherford, Texas on July 26, 1870.  A year later, he joined up with John Chisum and extended the trail from New Mexico to Colorado, and eventually to Wyoming.

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