A classic cowboy boot in every sense. This boot is made from Oil-Tanned Calf and has character that makes it absolutely stunning. The oil-tanned leather is ‘self-healing’ and can be darkened with more conditioner, but the leather is versatile and hides imperfections. A bit of leather conditioner will keep the boots with a rich oiled look but if you like the lighter tan look just let them be, without conditioning (the pics show variations in color depending on the amount of conditioner used).  

We use no synthetic material and every part of it is handmade (which is why this boot will last a lifetime). These details are important. These are the perfect boots to wear at the office, the ranch and everywhere in between.

  • Classic Round Toe
  • Uppers are Dragon Corded and 12" high.
  • Heel is leather stacked 1 1/2”. 
  • Soles are hand pegged with lemonwood, reinforced with brass clinch nails  
  • Reinforced pulls.  
  • Lux-calf interior for glove-like comfort. 
  • Full leather insole (for breathability and custom shaping to your foot).

Our men's boots fit true to size.  If the majority of your shoes are a size 10 then order a size 10 in ours (its free to exchange if something is off).

Our Full Leather Insoles allow the Width to be Modifiable! They are built on a EE base and have a full leather insole that (when inserted) makes the boot a D width (normal).  So, simply remove this leather insert for EE (wide) width, or keep it inserted for D (normal) width.  They will conform comfortably to your feet either way.

Add up to 3 initials on the pulls (black, brown, or bone) to customize the boots.  Put the initials in the Order Notes.  We handmake these (inlay into the pulls) and it takes us 3-4 weeks to complete this.


This boot is dedicated to the legendary Davy Crockett.  He was an icon of his day (frontiersman and politician) that came to Texas to support the Texas Revolution.  He was martyred in the Alamo in 1836 - go learn more about him.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Derek J.
Great Boots, we love em' !!!

Thank you for the great service and excellent high quality boots, cheers! This is our second pair from your store and both are terrific.

Mike S.

Rcvd my boots a couple weeks ago. They are a little loose. Might should of ordered a half size smaller, but put an insole in them and they are fine. Haven't worn them too much yet but I do like them. Comfortable and great workmanship! I'm sure you will here from me again soon!

Steven C.
Florida Buyer - Very Happy!

As a boot buyer from Florida, the communication and long distance customer service was top notch. The staff was incredibly helpful to answer all of my questions via phone or email, and was extra communicative when a product delay occurred. In total it took about 2 weeks to receive my order.

Fit: Give them time to stretch out and confirm to your foot. Oil them a bit. 3 days of constant wearing in thick socks should do it. I struggled to get my 10s on out of the box but they now fit like a glove. It’s easy to tell these boots are exceptionally high quality with zero synthetic.

I’m extremely happy with my purchase of the Crockett!

Isaiah F.
Holds up in Rain & Snow!

Great integrity. The owner called me after I submitted a custom boot order because one of their stock boots (the Crockett) fulfilled what I needed, saving me well over a thousand dollars, the only difference being a few minor customizations. These boots are the highest quality leather I've ever seen in boots. The all-leather construction keeps my feet from stinking and have held up perfectly in the snow and rain, as well as dust and mud. It's no wonder they're purported to last a lifetime. And for $400, these boots are a steal! I plan to buy another pair next year because I like them so much.

Another thing I like about them is that they responded to my boot request. Another boot company in Montana has completely ignored my inquiries. It's tough to do business with companies that don't respond to potential customers, but a company like Republic Boots is a great experience.

Michael D.

Planning to get a pair of Lucchese boots for my birthday, my wife Debbie heard a Michael Barry ad for Republic Boots and checked your site out. We immediately changed our plans. Jake sent her an email, and he was extremely helpful finding us a size 9 stock boot that I liked. I've started working up the shine that I prefer with Venesian and will add Kiwi when they are more broken in.