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Boots & Suits

We offer the most unique Boots & Suits packages in the market.  We have partnered with Blu Fine Menswear to offer a full customized jacket and a Republic Boot Co. customized pair of boots.  

These packages are the ultimate for weddings.  Designed for 5 or more, these packages are priced extremely competitive.  

Don't throw away your money on rentals!  Every groomsmen needs a nice jacket and an amazing pair of boots for a variety of things after the wedding.  These packages allow them to keep these high-quality custom items for all future events (dinners, other weddings, office meetings, every day life, etc). 

*Also keep in mind a great 'groomsmen gift' is funding this package in part or full.

We also have bridesmaid boot packages as well!

Email us for more details on pricing!

1.  Boots & Suit Package
Custom Suit or Tuxedo and Personalized Boots
(for the full suit look - blazer with pants)
2.  Boots & Blazer Package
Custom Blazer and Personalized Boots
(for blazer and jeans look) *most popular
3.  Boots & Vest Package 
Custom Vest, Shirt and Personalized Boots
(for vest, shirt and jeans look without blazer)