Austin - Snake Proof Bison Hunting Boot


"My son Austin almost got bit by a rattlesnake (curled up ready to strike) while we were hunting in the Hill Country, so I decided to build the best snake proof boots in the world" - Chris (owner).

  • 15" Tops with Snake Proof Liner
  • Shrunken Bison for Years of Abuse
  • Rubber Lugged Hunting Sole
  • Zipper for Easy Access
  • Oversized Calf to Tuck-In Pants

These are lined with a special snake guard liner that is light weight, but impenetrable. Its surrounded by oil-tanned calf which can be conditioned to bring out the classic character of the boot.  The vamp is made of tough bison for years of abuse. 

The sole is Vibram Rubber with is lugged for grip out in the harsh terrain.  It is waterproof to a certain degree (as long as you're not standing in water for hours). The strong zipper is for ease of getting in/out. The calf is 17" to allow you to tuck in your jeans when you are in the thorn country.

We use no synthetic material and every part of it is handmade (which is why this boot will last a lifetime). These details are important. These are the perfect boots to wear at the office, the ranch and everywhere in between.

Lux-calf interior for glove-like comfort.  Full leather insole (for breathability and custom shaping to your foot). Heel is leather stacked 1 ” with Vibram lug caps.  

Our men's boots fit true to size.  If the majority of your shoes are a size 10 then order a size 10 in ours (its free to exhange if something is off). 

Ladies these are also for you - size down 1.5 sizes (if you are a size 10 in ladies then order this men's size 8.5).

Our Full Leather Insoles allow the Width to be Modifiable! They are built on a EE base and have a full leather insole that (when inserted) makes the boot a D width (normal).  So, simply remove this leather insert for EE (wide) width, or keep it inserted for D (normal) width.  They will conform comfortably to your feet either way.


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