Van Zandt


These incredible boots are made of crocodile with a beautiful Texas star. The blacked-out colors can be worn with a suit or just as easy with your every day adventures.

We use no synthetic materials and every aspect is handmade (which is why this boot will last a lifetime). These details are important.

Lux-calf interior for glove-like comfort.  Full leather insole (for breathability and custom shaping to your foot). 1.5” Cowboy toe. Uppers have Lone Star croc inlay and 12" high. Heel is leather stacked 1 1/2”.  Soles are hand pegged with lemonwood.  Reinforced pulls.  

Our Full Leather Insoles allow the Width to be Modifiable! They are built on a EE base and have a full leather insole that (when inserted) makes the boot a D width (normal).  So, simply remove this leather insert for EE (wide) width, or keep it inserted for D (normal) width.  They will conform comfortably to your feet either way.

We can customize your boots with Initials on the pull straps for an additional cost:  Add 2 or 3 initials to your pull straps to make your boots uniquely custom. 


These boots are dedicated to the legendary Townes Van Zandt (descended from a prominent leader of the Republic of Texas).  He was known as the songwriter's songwriter with his deep lyrics and bluesy rhythm. He wrote the famous song Poncho and Lefty. 

In 1971, he was on his way to Houston from San Francisco when the musician Joe Ely picked up “this tall scarecrow-looking guy” thumbing rides in Lubbock, Texas. Ely was shocked to find that Townes seemed to be carrying no clothes, just a bag of records he’d been hauling with him along the highway, through the desert. Van Zandt gave one to Ely who took it back to his future Flatlanders bandmate Jimmie Gilmore. They listened to it again and again. “It made us question what a song could be,” said Ely. 

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